Being able to use office productivity tool and other specialized applications are key to your non-technical deliverables. To write a good report, you need to know formatting and other key features of word processing applications.

You likely use Digital Skills* on a daily basis in your current and future jobs. These skills have been classified across 5 level and 11 areas.  These areas are:

  1. word processing
  2. graphics
  3. database
  4. spreadsheet
  5. financial
  6. statistical analysis
  7. design/ programming
  8. computer-assisted design
  9. communications
  10. internet
  11. project management

Some examples are:

  • word processing; Level 3: Use advanced features such as pagination, footnotes and track changes to create and edit reports and proposals.

  • spreadsheet; Level 3: Use spreadsheets to test data integrity and to create budgets that incorporate formulas and macros.
  • communications; Level 2: Use e-mail programs to send and receive e-mail, and attachments such as spreadsheets, reports and diagrams.


* See Government of Canada Essentiall Skills Guide for more inforation.