Clear and effective writing is easy to say and hard to do. Can you write easy to use instructions for end users and then write an in-depth analysis for the CFO on why changes to AP are key to the company's success?

The Writing* Essential Skill is categorized with 5 levels and 3 dimensions. The dimension are:

  • Length and purpose of the writing
  • Style and structure
  • Content of the writing

 Some examples:

  1. Level 1; Length and purpose of the writing: Record items discussed with clients using short notes and log entries.
  2. Level 2; Style and structure: Write text entries into incident forms, for example, descriptions of problems and the steps taken to resolve them as part of incident reports.
  3. Level 3; Content of the writing: May write policies and procedures to document database application development processes. Policies may be lengthy and are written using clear and concise language to avoid misinterpretation on the part of readers.
  4. Level 4; Style and structure: Write database implementation plans to document the requirements, approaches and potential problem areas prior to commencing projects. They enter information under headings such as technical specifications, project objectives, planned activities and deliverables.


* See Government of Canada Essentiall Skills Guide for more inforation.