What are Learning Plans?

Learning plans are the backbone of your learning activities at GrowMe4IT.  We have set up a learning plan for each job we might help you to prepare for.  For example, if you want to progress from being a programmer to a being a system analyst, we would assign you the System Analyst Learning Plan. We would then set about building the skills and knowledge needed for you to be successful as a systems analyst.

Your assigned learning plan contains the competencies you need to be succesful in you prefered job. By successfully completing course activities you demonstrate that you have acquired thosee competencies.


How do They Work?

Competency based learning is well suited for business and IT related learning. This approach provides a clear structure of what learning needs to occur and the order in which branches of the learning should be tackled. The GrowMe4IT competency framework is based on:

  • essential skills
  • English proficiency

Based on the Government of Canada's Job Bank, job profiles have been build up from the Government of Canada's pool of essential skills.  These essential skills have multiple levels. To be successful in mastering the skill, you need competency in the underlying English language elements. Therefore, the two competency frameworks are linked.

Essential Skills

For you to be successful in your career, you will need to be able to things like:

  • read
  • write
  • use documents (fill out forms etc.)
  • communicate verbally
  • manipulate and analyze data
  • work with others
  • apply reasoning and thinking to a wide range of situations.

These are some of the top level essential skills that have been defined. Those top skills have been broken down into sub-skill and levels. These have all been defined with can do statements (if you have mastered this skill, you can ....).

Job Profiles

Based on analysis of a wide range of jobs, essential skills profiles have been created. These job profiles indicate the various levels of various skill that are needed to accomplish specific tasks. The job profile is the backbone for skills portion of competency elements for specific learning plans. 

English Proficiency

The Common European Framework for Reference Languages (CEFR) is the international standard for classifying and testing proficiency in a wide range of languages, including English. The CEFR establishes levels for English Proficiency.  Those proficiency levels form the second dimension to learning profiles.

Skill/English Linkage

In order to achieve a specific level of an essential skill (such as oral communication), you will obvious need a sufficient level of proficiency in listening and speaking English. Therefore, Essential Skills levels and English proficiency levels have been cross-referenced.  As a result, we know what English proficiency level is a pre-requisite to being competent in an essential skill.

What's in it for me?

How does it Help Me?

All of that theory is nice, but, what does it do for me? You have established a career growth targets. We have mapped targets to a learning plan. That learning plan establishes the top down list of things you need to eventually master. We take that top down plan and engage in one or more case studies. To complete the tasks and work products of the case studies, you need to develop the reqiured Essential Skills and English competencies. Through regular online meetings with your assigned tutor, we will do the bottom up build of the foundation you need to succeed.

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