About Case Study Courses

Case studies are the key GrowMe4IT learning approach. In order to direct you through your learning plan, you complete one or more case study courses by investigating an assigned company.  As part of your regular tutor sessions, work you way through the current case study's modules. When you are assigned a case study module, you will have one or more deliverables that will be reviewed at a future tutor session. In order to complete those deliverables you need competency in language and essential skills element that are pre-requisites for the module. The majority the work for each session is the self-service work done preparing for and doing the module tasks. The actual tutor session normally represents a small portion of the total effort for the module tasks.

Case study modules are designed to get progressively more challenging and complex. This approach allows you start off with something fairly easy and build on those base competencies to be ready for tougher activities.  As an example, one of the first modules in one of the case studies is to interview an IT Manager as part of a fact finding meeting as part of working on a submitted Help Desk ticket. The deliverable from the module is both the meeting and the update of the ticket with key information.  To able to complete these tasks you will need to be able to:

  • read, write, speak and listen at a CEFR B1/B2 level or higher,
  • do basic research on, or have background knowledge of what, the IT Manager does,
  • prepare a list of key questions that need to be answered,
  • be able to write notes for the meeting,
  • be able to record the notes in a timely manner while listening to answers to the questions,
  • be able to do real-time analysis of the information provided and ask followup questions to resolve any conflicts or loose ends exposed during Q&A so far, and
  • have the suffiecient document use skills to be able to reasonably fill out the ticket with the meeting results.

Before you do much work on the actual case study module activity, you will complete the pre-requisitite modules on your own. Each model requires you to complete assignments and submit the results. If you have difficulties demonstrating competence in the assignment, your next tutor session may be adjusted to spend more time on improving your competence in the pre-requisites and the deadline for the case study module deliverables will be pushed out.

By indentifying and addressing weakness, we ensure that you have the foundation you need to suceed.