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We provide a modern eLearning platform designed to help you take control of your career.  We have consolidated traditionally idendepent learning streams to create a coordinated plan to help you grow.

What do we do

What do we do?

We are committed to your success at growing your career. Your learning plan is the engine that drives that growth.  We use case studies to help you work through your learning plan.  By completing assigned case studies, you develop new competencies in:

  • Business English for IT professionals,
  • soft skills needed to succeed, and
  • mastery of non-technical tools that make your job easier.

In addition, we help you get the general IT and business knowledge you need to work well with the wide variety of people you deal with. Your assigned tutor directs your studies to help you walk the path needed to complete your learning plan.  Just like in your IT career, you will need to produce deliverables on a regular basis.

We feel that a solid foundation in English, the ability to expand on that foundaton and use your English language skills effectively, the ability to use those skills to do your job well, and the ability to communicate with people with different business and technical backgrounds gives you what you need to succeed.

What don't we do

What don't we do?

At GrowMe4IT we focus on the common things needed across a selected IT careers in various work environments.  However, we do not focus the technical or methodological aspects of doing  your job. 

No Beginner English

Learning a new language is a challenging and complex process.  It is often most cost and results effective to take beginner English lessons in a classroom setting where you have classmates that you can work with.  In order to grow your career, you need to have a solid English foundation.  If you are not already at an English intermediate level, it will be difficult for you to understand your tutor and complete your assignments.

Before you can participate in the GrowMe4IT program, you need to have already reached an intermediate English level.

No programming languages or development environments.

There are a wide variety of programming languages, development environments, and/or management platforms that IT professionals need to work in. Developing skill and proficiencies in your specific development languages and environments is something you need to focus on by yourself or with your employer.

No methodologies.

There are a wide variety of methodologies that describe principles and practices for creating and maintaining various aspects of the IT landscape.  These may  cover software development or maintanence, such as Water Fall or SCRUM, or they may cover the management of assets, such as ITIL.  Learning the methodologies used within your work environment is up to you and/or your employer.

No in depth subject area study.

As one moves from being a junior to a guru in various positions, you need to pick up a lot of specialized knowledge.   Managing and designing large networks requires specialized network administration knowledge and skills.  Managing a large organization's pool of databases requires advanced database adminstration skills.  Maintaining large e-commerce applications requires specialized skill and knowledge. Expanding your subject area knowledge and expertise is up to you and/or your employer.

Our Tools

What is in Our Toolbox?

When we built GrowMe4IT there was a diverse range of tools that could be used to create our desired environment.  In his career, the founder worked with both commercial of the shelf (COTS) and Open Source tools.  The background in working with Open Source software left the founder open to considering Open Source options.  Research into content and learning management systems lead to the selection of leading Open Source software.   Awareness of different learning syles made the focus on both written and verbal forms of learning a priority.  To be productive and effective at your worksite, you need to be good at using your organization's office productivity tools.

Our Platform

The student facing compenents of the GrowMe4IT platform required tools in these areas:

  • Content Management,
  • Learning Management,
  • interactive whiteboard

Learning Management

We selected Moodle as our learning management platform.  Moodle is one of the top Open Source projects in the learning  management area.  Big Blue Button is one of the top Open Source online whiteboard projects.  Big Blue Button is integrated with Moodle and is used for your tutor sessions.  Your learning plans and course are presented by Moodle.  This means that you have access to a wide range of materials on how to use these tools, including ways to you can personalize your learning environment.

Content Management

We have selected Joomla as our content management platform.  Joomla is one of the top Open Source projects in the content management area.  Joomla is the main public face of your platform.  This means that we have mature tools that allow us to create an inuitive and easy to use web site.  This should make it as easy as possible for you to find and do things.

We have selected a Joomla plug-in that provides integration between Joomla and Moodle.  By integrating Joomla and Moodle, you only have to maintain one set of credentials to access both environments.  By using that integration , we bridge the gap between the two plaforms into a blended single environment.   This makes it easier for you to maintain your user account and profile and makes it easier to work within that blended environment.

Our Content/Assignments

We recognize that people learn best in a variety of different ways.  The two main learning styles involve written and verbal communication.  Therefore, we provide oral and written content for you to study in the way that works best for you.   For verbal learning we use YouTube videos.  Those videos are created by us or others.  For written learning we use custom content that we create or content readily avaible on the internet.  This material is gathered into course modules that you complete as assigned.  This means that GrowMe4IT is your one-stop environment for your training.  This also means that there are no hidden charges for books or subscriptions to additional online services.  As well, this means that if you are interested into a deeper dive in certain subject areas you can go to the YouTube channel or web site that produced the content to learn more.

We recognize that you may be better at verbal or written communications.   Therefore, your assignments will sometime be verbal and sometimes written.  For case study deliverables, we select the appropriate written or verbal format for delivering the work product.  For example, a report would be written and reviewed.  A presentations and meeting will be delivered verbally and supported with written content.   For Essential Skill and language development assignments, the most effective delivery mode will be used.  The assigment delivery system within GrowMe4IT will be used for you to submit the various formats of material you are reqiured to produce.

Office Productivity Suites

Most business organizations use one or both of the Microsoft and Google suite of products as their core office tools. This means that most students will need to be effective in the use of those suites to do their job well.  Computer Use is one of the Essential Skills.  Therefore, we have created courses on how to use well each office suite.  Based on what you need to do, we have modules that teach you more about the applications in each suite.  As a result, if Level 3 word processing is needed to do aspects of your job, we will provide training on how to get to an intermediate level with key MS Word or Google Docs functionality.

Our Philosopy

What is Our Philosopy?

We are committed to the success of our students.  We have chosen not to provide one size fits all classes to a large group of students.  Instead, we focus on one student at a time.  Therefore, you are assigned your own tutor to work with you.  Within the framework of your learning plan, every session is tailored for you and involves just you.  We are focused on targetted delivery of knowledge and not mass marketing. That personalized one-on-one approach gives you control over how far and how fast you grow your IT career. 

Multiple Learning Styles

Different people learn in different ways.  Therefore, the material on Essential Skills and language skills are presented in multiple ways.  Once you are aware of your preferred learning style, you can consume the course content in your preferred manner.   We believe in the ideas surrounding multiple intelligences, so we make an effort to create content and assignments that are best suited for different dominant intelligences.

Independent Learning

To provide you maximum flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, we use a directed studies approach to learning.  A majority of the student's time is spent doing independent learning or case study assignments.   Regular tutor sessions are normally 2 hours per week.  During those sessions, the current set of work products are presented and/or reviewed.  At the end of the session, an action plan is set up for the next block of work.  That action plan can include a new block of course modules to work on and/or another section of the case study.  Essential Learning and language skills modules consolidate publicly available and custom material into an assembly of useful material for you to study.  We belive that giving you material to focus on and work through, re-enforcing that content through assignments, and review of the results, is the most effective way for most mature students to learn.

Learning Through Doing

Most aspects of the Essential Skills and CEFR language levels come with associated "Can Do" statements.  The modules that you take to improve your Essential Skills or language proficiency help you expand on what you can do.   For most people, passively sitting and consuming information is not a very effective way of learning something.  Practical application of the material often improves what you what you retain from your studies.  Therefore, nearly every module has at least one assignment.  These assigments may be unit tests or materials to be submitted.  By adding a "Show Me" activity to each module, we believe you have the best chance to succeed.   Your tutor will review all submitted material.

Our Staff

Who are Our Staff?

For you to be successful in growing your IT career, you need to have a tutor who has experience in both the IT industry and teaching EFL/ESL.

Therefore, we carefully select those who have the background knowledge and experience that is valuable for you to tap into AND be personable and approachable so you can tap into that knowledge and experience.

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