About Tutoring

Everybody learns best in their own unique way. Working with your GrowMe4IT tutor allows the two of you to tailor you learning to your needs. Not only will we build your unique path through your learning plan, but we look at your learning styles and use the best ways for you to learn.

Classroom vs 1-On-1 Tutor

GrowMe4IT focuses on Business English for information technology professionals. To be suited for the GrowMe4IT program, students need intermediate or higher English proficiency. Students who speak English at the beginner level will be more effective learning in a classroom situation than with our tutors. Learning beginning English is best suited for a classroom situation. Being able to practice with classmates at the same level makes classroom learning better for beginning language students. Being in a classroom often reduces the cost per student as well. However, working with a tutor gets you undivided attention and targetted learning.  Therefore, you need to understand your situation and needs to determine your best approach.

Online Tutoring

If your are an IT professional looking to grow your career, you are likly working while doing your training.  Therefore, flexibility is a key consideration when selecting a learning program. An online tutor is a good fit for many IT workers. The ability to work at your own pace at any time and anywhere gives you a lot of flexibility. Having shorter fixed meeting times with your tutor and most of your work being done outside of the tutor session gives you the best of both worlds. You have the freedom to work where and when you want along with deliverables and accountability to help you make your learning a priority.

Directed Studies and Self-Learning

GrowMe4IT has consolidated a large pool of learning resource to help you build the essential skills and language foundations you need to do well. We support different learning styles by providing content in multiple forms. By establishing your learning plan and guiding you through it, we help you get through the material in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our general philosophy is to have you do most of your learning outside of the tutor session and demonstrate/refine it during the tutor session. If there are areas that you have problems with, we then focus on them.

This directed studies approach allows you to confirm that you have the need competencies or work on developing them.  Each assign module has a series of pre-requisites that are needed to do well. Through self-study, you then work on the course modules for those pre-requisites. Each module has an assignment that allows you to demonstrate your competence. If your tutor confirms your competence upon review of the assignment, you should be good to complete the bigger assignment. However, if the tutor has concerns about the pre-requisites assignment work product, you may be assigned additional work in that area. 

Our eLearning platform is accessible on computers, tablets and smart phones. You can do the self-study portion of your GrowMe4IT program anywhere and any time you have internet access. This could be on your commute to and from work, during lunch or in the evening. This provides a flexibility that fits your lifestyle.

The only fixed time commitments you have are your tutor hours. You and your tutor work together during your eLearning tutor session. You can be in any quiet spot in which you can focus. There is no need to travel to a classroom. Instead, you open a browser, your camera and your speaker/microphone.