What are tutor sessions?

On a regular basis, normally weekly, you have one or two online sessions with your tutor.   During these sessions, we go over the materials that were due that week and then establish the action plan for the next period.  The sessions are conducted using an online white board where both you and your tutor can control what is displayed on the board, including notes.

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How do they work?

How do they work?

Your learning plan is your  map to your information technology career. At your regularly scheduled session, your tutor will work with you one-on-one.  Working with you, you tutor will create your personal plan to guide you through your learning plan. We use case studies approach where are guided through your learning plan by completing one or more case studies. Each case study is made up of a modules that simulate real world scenarios that you will need to deal with in. As such, for each module you have at least one assignment where you need complete at least one delivery.

This is best explained by an example. You have been advised that a business unit you are responsible for has a problem. You need to meet with them and dig deeper into the problem. In this case, the "deliverable" for your session is the role-play of the meeting. You will run the meeting and the tutor will play the business unit representative. To run the meeting, you need to have done your preparation work, including understanding what the business unit does and some background around the problem. With this information, you will have key points that you need to investigate, so, you will have planned some of the questions you need to ask. To ask the questions and understand the answers, you need to have to be able to handle the vocabulary that the business uses. Furthermore, you need to participate in the meeting with the appropriate level of formality, not so casual that you are disrespectful and not so formal that you will come across as unapproachable.  Your pronunciation needs to be good enough that your questions can be understood. Your listening skills need to be strong enough that you can understand the person you are meeting with, even if they have accents. Once you understand the answers to the questions, you need to be able to take reasonable notes to record what happened. Are your writing and note taking skills good enough to do that?  Are your listening and note taking skills strong enough that you can listen and take notes at the same time?

To complete your deliverables, you will need to be competent at the underlying essesntial skill and language elements required for the deliverable. Therefore, each case study module has a series of pre-requisites associated with it. As part of your work on the module, you will look at those needed pre-requisite essential skill and language competencies. Depending on your background, you may be competent already, or you may need some work in an area. Therefore, going through those pre-requisites will either be a review to confirm you are competent or an opportunity to improve and become competent.

When you and your tutor go over your deliverables during your session, your tutor will provide feedback in a timely manner. After the deliverable has been gone through, your performance will be discussed. Based on your performance, your action plan for the next session will be determined. You will leave the session knowing what you need to do for the next session. This directed studies learning approach is the foundation of your guidance through your learning plan to get to your career goal.

What is Directed Study?

What is Directed Study?

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Your selected learning plan has dozens of competencies you will need to master to do well in your choosen career. In what order do you approach getting good at all of those things? Do any of them form building blocks for the others? It can be like looking at a map of a country with no roads.  How do you get from one end to another?

We have build a number of "roads" that can be used to move through parts of your learning plan. Your tutor will connect those roads to guide you. Each person has different strengths and weakness, so each person's route through the learning plan is unique.  Your tutor directs your studies to personalize that path for you.  Your learning plan has one or more case studies associated with it. Your tutor helps you through those case studies and to build the foundation of knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

What is a Case Study?

Case studies are regularly used by universities and business programs because they are effective at helping students dive into subject areas and really understand them. We use case studies for the same reason. We guide you through your learning plan by assigning a case study for you to work on. That case study consists of multiple activities.  Each activity has key tasks you need to complete.  These tasks could be things like prepare and deliver a presentation, prepare and deliver an impact analyst, run a team meeting, or forecast storage requirements for an enhancement to a system. 

Each case study is made up of a series of progressively more challenging activities.  We start of with simple activities that require low communication, writing or presentation skills.  As the case study progress, activities get more complicated and you will need to up your game. You will be assigned progressively more complex tasks as you work through the case study.  By progressively building the essential skills and language competencies you need, we grow you into the person you need to be to do well at your choosen career.

How does that affect me?

There is a regular cycle to your work at GrowMe4IT. As with most things, the more effort you put into your studies, the more you get out of it. You will spend more time working outside of your session than in it.  Like in the real world, preparing for a presentation takes a lot longer than delivering the presentation and preparing a report takes longer than reviewing it with a business unit.  You have a lot of control over how quickly you work through your learning plan.  If you already have a very strong foundation, we will quickly move to the more complicated portions of your growth.  If you have a weaker foundation in some areas, we will spend more time there.  If you commit more time and effort to case study activity pre-requisites, you will build that foudation faster.  Working with your tutor, you are in the driver's seat. How quickly do you want to be prepared to reach your career goal and how much work do you want to put into getting there?

 link to a learning plan article that explains how the course structure is set up.

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