GrowMe4IT is tailored to your needs. 

First we establish a vision for your career.  Then we establish a learning plan to help you get there.  Using the GrowMe4IT eLearning platform, you meet regularly with you Business English Tutor.

Whiteboard Part 1

Online Whiteboard Sessions

Your training revolves around your weekly time with your tutor.  Depending on your schedule, there will be one or two sessions per week, as agreed to after  proceeding beyond the evaluation course. Your tutor sessions are done using a shared online Whiteboard.  As an example, if the case study deliverable was a presentation, the submitted PowerPoint slide deck will be loaded for you into the tutor session and you would proceed to do the role-play of delivering the presentation. In that manner, you will complete the role-play associated with your assignment for the week.

Pre-Session Work

In the time leading up to your online whiteboard session you will work on you assigned tasks for the week. You will have tasks from the current case study.  As well, you may have language or essential skill development task.

Whiteboard Part 2

Session Deliverables

Using the sharable online Whiteboard, you will present your deliverables for the period.  Your deliverable might be one or more of:

  • make a phone call,
  • run a meeting,
  • discuss a report,
  • provide a presentation,
  • conduct a fact finding session,
  • review project documentation,
  • prepare an email,
  • draft a budget,
  • estimate system load or usage information,
  • etc.

Delivery Review

Upon completion of the deliverable role-play, the tutor will provide feedback on the deliverable and how it was deliveredConstructive feedback will be provided, including error correct. In addition to reviewing the case study deliverables, assignment from the pre-requisite task for the deliverable may be reviewed.

Action Plan

Based on that feedback and the next steps to be pursued in your learning journey, the action plan for the next tutor session is established jointly by your tutor and you.  

Next Session Pre-session Work

The action plan from the last Tutor Session is recorded by the tutor as items for the next tutor session. If the deliverable material and presentation was done competently, then the next element in the case study will likely be assigned. That case study element will have Essential Skills and/or English Language compentency pre-requisites. In that case, you will work independently to complete the pre-requisite competencies so that you can work on the assignment for that next element.

If the previous session's assignment was not delivered satisfactorily, then the focus for this week will be to make improvements needed to meet the delivery standard. This may involve improving the pre-requisite Essential Skills and/or English Language compentencies and/or re-work of the assignment material.

Self-Study: Any time/anywhere

The online tutoring sessions are established on a fixed schedule.  Everything else can be done any time, any where and on almost any device.  The eLearning platform can be accessed from a browser or a smart phone application.  You can use your commute to do your homework!? 

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