About Job Courses

Your assigned career learning plan  defines the list of compencies you need to success in your planned new career.  There is a one-to-one relationship between a learning plan and its corresponding job course. To complete you learning plan, you are enrolled in the corresonding job course. Enrolling in the case study, language, and essential skills courses need to be competent in the competencies linked to the learning plan. By completing the learning needed to be competent in learning plan, you can measure your progress through the learning plan.

Each job course enrolls you into one or more case study courses. By completing the case study module's pre-requisites and activities you acquire and demonstrate the relevant language and essential skills competencies needed for the activity. Once you have completed the first case study linked to the job course, you may start working on other case study courses. The number and type of case studies are designed to provide full coverage of all the competencies needed for your learning plan.