eLearning  Courses

At GrowMe4IT your personal and professional growth is our goal. To help you grow we offer two groups of courses:

  • individual courses, and
  • pools of courses included in learning plans.

Individual Courses

The primary individual course we offer is the Career Assessment. During that assessment we help you look at yourself and help you think about what you want to be when you grow up.

Learning Plans

Once you have completed your career assessment course, you enrol in a learning plan.  A learning plan includes all of the elements you will need to do well in your target job.  When you enrol in a learning plan, you are automatically enrolled in a pool of courses associated with the learning plan. These courses include:

  1. Job course
  2. Tutor Session course
  3. Case Study courses
  4. Language courses
  5. Essential Skills courses

Each course has a different purpose and usage pattern.

Job course

The Job Course is a "container" for all of the courses you may need to complete your selected learning plan. There is a one-to-one relationship between a learning plan and the course you enroll in to work through that plan.

Tutor Session course

Your tutor session course is how you are booked for each interactive eLearning session with your tutor. This course provides your tutor session schedule and additional needed information. Each session will use an electronic whiteboard. Beside containing date/time and connection information, each session contains the action plan you will need to prepare the session and deliver anything due for the session. Using a directed studies approach to learning, your tutor will assign you activities for the current case study and then meet with you at the next session to go over progress in preparing the associated deliverables or the deliverables themselves. After the deliverable has been discussed or delivered, a feedback session normally precedes agreeing on the action plan for the next session.

Case Study courses

We use case studies as the primary framework for your growth. Each case study course simulate activities you may encounter in your target career. Through case study modules, you analyze various aspects of your assigned organization. Each module covers a specific activity you need to complete (such as run a fact finding meeting to resolve an issue). Each activity involves one or more tasks. To complete those tasks you need to be competent in essential skill and language elements.  Those elements are included as pre-requisites to the task. You will be directed to corresponding modules in the appropriate Essential Skills and/or Language courses so that you can review what is needed and work on improving you abilities of you are not yet competent in the needed elements.

Language courses

Whether you are a native English speaker or not, you will likely need to improve your practical English knowledge and skills to be able to do your target job really well. Your language courses ensures that you have the core English capabilities needed to perform your assigned tasks.

Essential Skills courses

 Your essential skills courses ensure that you have the essential skills you need in to complete your assigned tasks.